DLTK's Holidays for Kids
Halloween Goo Game

Thanks to one of our viewers for sharing this with us!

You will need:


The game:

Blindfold the child and let them put their hand in the very sticky, lumpy cold slime.  They have 30 seconds to grab a charm to win a prize.


Suggestion from another viewer:
"We play the Goo game but I use custard instead.  Its easy to get hold of and cheap in packet mix."

Suggestion from viewer:
"I have another variation of the goo-game.  Boil some spaghetti noodles and then place objects such as fake worms, spiders etc in a large mixing bowl, then blindfolded, set a time amount for the child to try and find as many items as possible!! This does get a little sticky after awhile, but it is fun!!"


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