Halloween Costume

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Lady Bug 

Submitted By: Erin R. 
Age: girls up to 5 years old (or older if you add a skirt/shorts) 
Time Required: 30 minutes 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: * scissors
* 1 red leotard
* 2 8x11-inch sheets of adhesive-backed felt in BLACK AND RED
* 1 black pipe cleaner; 1 black or brown hair barrette; 1 pair of store-bought black wings (that are bendable if not in a rounded shape already)
* black shoes to fit the Lady Bug Lady (I used tap shoes that I got for 50 cents from a yard sale! YAY!)
* black socks to wear with shoes; optional: black tights AND/OR black tutu/skirt OR red shorts 
Directions: First, cut parallel to the 8.5 inch side of the black adhesive-backed felt in 4 or more strips.
Then, horizontally stick the black felt strips to the front of the red leotard.
Third, if needed, mold the black wings into a rounded shape. AND THEN use a jar or other circular container about 3-inches in diameter and trace around the circular bottle on the paper side of the RED adhesive-backed felt, and MAKE 12 circles.
Next, Cut the red felt circles out and stick to the black wings, sides touching through the wings to match up.
Fifth, open the barrette and twist the middle of the black pipe cleaner twice around the base of the black or brown base (or use a barrette in a color to match the lady bug lady's hair). Mold the black pipe cleaner into two even antennas- see picture for form or make a more spiral-like fun design! 
Comments: I posted this originally at ThriftyFun.com, a neat, informational and "down-home" site!