Halloween Costume

Contributed by Leanne Guenther


Submitted By: Leanne 
Age: Early Grade School 
Time Required: 2 hours (if making the sword and parrot) 
Difficulty: easy to medium 
Materials Required: CLOTHES:
- old jeans
- black or white shirt
- OPTIONAL: red vest
- black triangle of material like a bandana (to wear over head)

- black elastic (1/4")
- black felt
- hot glue or sewing kit

- beanie baby or tp roll parrot http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/mparrot.html
- a few safety pins

- black eyeliner pencil

- home made or store bought pirate sword.

Make cloak to the waistline to cover up winter jacket according to directions from lightweight cotton fabric or polar fleece. 
Directions: Cut a jagged bottom in one of the legs of jeans.

Wear shirt, jeans and vest (if you like). Pin parrot onto shoulder (the beanie baby parrot is a bit heavier so takes a few more pins than a tp roll parrot does)

Draw scar over eye with black eyeliner (you can also add a bit of eyeliner "stubble" to the chin)

Measure black elastic around head. Cut felt into a circle. Fold in half over the black elastic. Attach with hot glue or stitching. Tie or stitch the elastic so it stays around head.

Carry sword.