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DLTK's Crafts for Kids
Watermelon Paper Plate Craft
(with a Fractions Practice option)

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

This craft is suitable for ages 3+ as "just a craft" and for age 5+ as a fractions practice project. Watermelons grow on vines.  They can be eaten pickled or in salads but we think they're best eaten raw and drippy right off the rind on a hot summer's day! I still like competing to see how far I can spit my seeds into the garden (shhh, don't tell Grandma Gloria!).

Watermelon Paper Plate Craft


  • paper plate
  • green paint
  • pink and black paper (or you could use paint)
  • scissors,
  • Glue paint brush


  • Before you start crafting, look around the house for a round object that fits just inside the plate (one that doesn't overlap the rim too much). We found that a saucer worked perfectly (you'll be using this object to trace a circle).
  • Set the plate on the table as if you're going to eat from it. Paint the rim of the plate green.

Watermelon Paper Paper Plate E

Watermelon Paper Plate Craft A

  • Set the plate aside to dry.
  • While it is drying, take the saucer and trace a circle onto a piece of pink paper.
  • Cut out the circle.
  • Cut tear drop shapes out of a piece of black paper OR you can use a hole punch to punch black circles out.  These will be the watermelon seeds.  They don't have to be perfect!
  • When the paint is dry, glue the pink circle into the center of the plate and then glue the black seeds onto the pink. 

Watermelon Paper Plate Craft B

  • You can stop your project at this point if you like!
  • Wait until the glue dries.
  • Talk to your child about "half".  If you cut something in half you have two equal sized pieces. Help them cut their watermelon in half.

Watermelon Paper Plate Craft C

  • You can stop your project at this point if you like.
  • Talk to your child about "quarters".  If you cut something into quarters, you have four equal sized pieces. Help them cut their watermelon into quarters.
  • You can make a few watermelons if doing this with a group (or if you're having an energetic summer! or have an older sibling to lend a hand).  You can leave one whole, cut one into halves and cut another into quarters.

Watermelon Paper Plate Craft D

Printable version of these instructions.


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