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Heart Animals Valentine's Day CardsDLTK's Crafts for Kids
Heart Animals Valentine's Day Cards

Print these "home-made" Valentine's Day cards for a special friend or family member. 

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The cards have the heart animals all assembled for you (my girls loved the heart animals but didn't have the energy to assemble 25+ for all their friends and classmates).  You can also make Heart Animals as a paper craft (they make a nice extra special card to give to the teacher when you give these cards to the children in the class)

Even if you have a colour printer, you may prefer the black and white version which the kids can colour in themselves.


Card Templates:

Template 1 (bunny, butterfly, dragonfly, elephant)
color   or   B&W

Template 2 (cat, dog, fish, owl)
color   or   B&W

Template 3 (horse, pig, cow, lamb)
color   or   B&W

Template 4 (bird, snail, ladybug. dinosaur)
color   or   B&W

Template 5 (kangaroo, koala, frog, snake)
color   or   B&W


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