Instructions for the Flying Purple People Eater Game

People CraftContributed by Leanne Guenther

Make people from juice can lids or margarine container lids (see instructions below).  If you're doing this at a party, you can put the white paper on the lids the day before and let the guests decorate their own game pieces!


  • Divide the children into teams.  Use hair color, eye color, skin color or paint numbers on the back of the lid to separate the teams.
  • We had 4 lids per person that they could throw, but you can have as many as you like (you can also share the lids so you don't have to make quite so many).
  • Take turns tossing the lids (people) like a frisby into the purple people eater's mouth.
  • The team or person that gets the most in wins!
  • You can play multiple rounds, increasing the distance each time.

Instructions FOR LIDS

  • Take a frozen juice can or margarine container lid.
    • Glue on white paper (use lots of glue) and decorate the face with markers. 
      • To get the paper the right size, put the lid onto the paper and trace the circle around (kids actually have quite a bit of fun doing this). 
      • Then cut it out and glue it on (or decorate it with markers first and then glue it on)
    • Paint the juice can lids with acrylic paints (older children).   Don't use tempra paints as these will scratch off too easily.  Don't get acrylic paint on your clothes.  It won't come out.  If you do get it on your clothes, wash it while it's still wet (and keep your fingers crossed!)
  • You can glue on wiggly eyes and yarn hair, but again these may come off too easily.  The best bet is to paint or color things on