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Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Halloween Countdown
Thanks to Melissa for sharing this idea with us!
Similar to the chains used to countdown for Christmas, my boys colored a pumpkin and we attached a paper chain to it with one link for each day until Halloween.  This has really helped me explain to them when they can finally wear their costumes they want to play in so badly. 

Halloween Coloring pages

Halloween Tree
Thanks to Tae and the children at Bumbly Bees for sharing this idea with us!
This is so simple.  Paper napkins in fun patterns (I chose a Halloween motif), Tear and glue onto medium size plant pots with watery glue. Let dry. Use old playdough to fill half way in pot and stick in a branch the children have found.  Place craft moss on top. (for Easter use basket stuffing)  Then make simple toilet paper ghosts and glue onto branches.  Simple and fun.  The children were thrilled with their project as were their parents. A variety of themes for Valentines, Easter Thanksgiving , Christmas. You name it.


halloween trees

Spider Web
Thanks to Lorie for sending this in!

Lorie and her husband Colin made this gigantic web to decorate their yard for Halloween.  I wonder what novelty shop had those huge spiders!!??!!    

You cannot tell from the photos but they intended to spray or dip the rope in flourescent paint before they made the web.  That would have made things pretty spooky for Halloween evening.

I wonder how many trick or treaters were actually brave enough to get to the door?  *wink*

halloween spiderweb

Thanks to Sandra for sharing these ideas!

These Windghosts are made of a tin-can and the tails are made of stripes from a plastic bag.
We also had a white one as a Ghost .  It's really easy to make.

You clean out the inside of the cans, paint it with waterproof paint and glue on the plastic stripes.  At last, you put in little holes on top to put a string through it so you can hang it into a tree or wherever you like.  It's also a nice recycle idea and you will just have to change the designs and colors so you will be able to use it for other occasions as well.

halloween windghost halloween windghost


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