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Candy Valentine Butterfly
Candy Valentine Butterfly (or Dragonfly)

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

This is a great craft/Valentine card/Valentine treat for children to make for their friends, family or classmates.

My youngest daughter calls it a butterfly and my oldest calls it a dragonfly.

Thanks to Georgia for sending this idea in!

Aunty Lisa adds:  if you're a scrapbooker, you can use a scrapbook heart punch to quickly punch out perfect little heart shaped wings!



Craft Templates:

Template    (color)   or    (B&W)


Candy Valentine ButterflyQuick Version:

If you're making cards like this for an entire classroom, doing cut and paste crafts for all of them will take a long time.  The templates below provide an alternative that's a fair bit quicker when making cards in bulk.

  • Print out the craft template.
  • Cut the template in half (each template makes two cards).
  • Color or paint the template if using the black and white version.
  • Candy Valentine ButterflyCut out a bunch of construction paper hearts (fold the construction paper a few times and cut a half heart shape to make a bunch of same size hearts at once)
  • Glue the two construction paper hearts on as wings
  • Tape a small bar (Mars, Starburst, Aero, etc) on as a body.

Craft Templates:

Template    (color)   or    (B&W)


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