Handprint Santa CraftDLTK's Crafts for Kids
Santa Claus Handprint Craft

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Handprint crafts where you use different colors on the hand are a bit more challenging, but this cute little Santa Claus is worth it!



My daughter made this in preschool.


Another viewer shared this poem that she wrote to go with the handprint Santa:

When you hang this ornament 
From year to year, 

I hope it brings you a smile 
From ear to ear 

this handprint Santa will 
Help you to remember, 

How small I was in 2002 - 
In the month of December.

And Erika did a Spanish translation for us:

Cuando cuelgues este adorno
Año tras año 

Te treara una sonrisa
Por muchos años, 

Esta huella de Santa 
Te ayudara a recordar 

Lo pequeño que eran mis manos Años atras. Diciembre 2005


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