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Authentic Ming dynasty porcelain plate

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Chinese Pottery

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

This is a simple craft to do as part of a China lesson.  My daughter made her plate during Grade 9 -- however, the project is appropriate for any grade.  Younger children will paint simpler images and older children or art students can make them more complex.

Dragons, fish and flowers are all good choices for decorating your project.  Children can visit the library to look through pictures for inspiration.

In China, pottery has been an art form as well as a means of creating useful household items for 11,000 years -- Chinese pottery focused mainly on ceramics and porcelains.  The early forms of pottery were, of course, quite simple but over the years the science and art of pottery making grew and became more complex.

By the mid 1300's, Chinese ceramics became the most advanced in the world.  This was the time of the Ming Dynasty (from 1368 to 1644) -- decorative Ming vases remain priceless collectibles to this day.

In the 1400's, blue and white porcelain became technologically possible and very popular -- the Dutch blue and white porcelain was originally made as an attempt to copy this popular Chinese pottery.



basic dragonVery simple dragon drawing:

dragonMore challenging dragon:



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