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Chinese Dragon TP Roll Craft

Chinese Dragon TP Roll CraftContributed by Kaitlyn Guenther

This is a simple craft to do for Chinese New Year or as a generic dragon craft. 

The folded paper strips between the tp-roll halves means that the dragon craft can move around as if it is dancing!

The Chinese Dragon Dance is a traditional dance that involve people dressing up in costumes to make full sized "puppets".  Martial arts moves, bells and drums accompany the dances. 

The traditional dragon costume is made by many performers.  In the picture below you can see the performers hanging onto the poles and moving the dragon. 

Chinese Dragon Dance 

dragon dance
Photo by Walter Baxter



Craft Templates:

Template (Head)       color   or    B&W

Template (Tail)       color   or    B&W

Template (Middle)       Paper Strips


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