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Saint David's Day - March 1st

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Saint David's day is celebrated by Welsh people on March 1st each year. Saint David is the patron saint of Wales.

"In Wales on March 1st most schools hold an eistedfodd where the cultural arts are celebrated with singing (solo and group), music, poetry and dance. Women especially young girls dress up in a welsh national costume. These vary but consists of a black tall hat, skirt (often red), white blouse, a long waistcoat, apron and shawl. A daffodil or leek ( Welsh national emblem) is worn by most Welsh people on St David's Day."

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The Story of Saint David

Swords clashed as the men of Wales fought for hours to protect their land from the Saxon invaders.  But despite their efforts, the Welsh were slowly losing.  In the heat of the battle it was difficult to tell friend from foe.  The fact that both sides wore similar clothing made the fight all the more confusing.

A monk noticed that this was becoming a grave problem.  As the Welsh lost more and more ground, the monk cried out to them, "Welshmen, you must mark yourselves so that you can better tell who is Saxon and who is Welsh.  The monk plucked a leek plant from the ground and continued, "Here, wear these so you will know that any soldier who does not have a leek is your enemy."

Some of the soldiers thought this was a rather odd idea, but the monk was one of God's men so they went along with it.  Soon every Welsh soldier was wearing a leek on his helmet.  They attacked the invaders and before long, the Welsh had won the battle.

The monk who came up with the idea of wearing a leek was named David.  David died on March 1st.  After he died, the Catholic Church made him a saint.

St.  David (Dewi Sant in Welsh) is the patron saint of Wales, and March 1, his feast day, is celebrated as a patriotic and cultural festival by the Welsh in Wales and around the world.  Welsh people all over the world proudly wear the stalk, flower or a bit of leaf from a leek plant on March 1st. In fact, the leek is a national emblem of Wales.

The welsh leek has a flower much like a daffodil (which is quite a bit easier to find around the world in March), so in the 19th century people began wearing daffodils instead. Now, the daffodil is the national flower of Wales.

Below are several crafts and activities that will help you celebrate Saint David's Day on March 1st!

coffee filter daffodil

Daffodil Coffee Filter

Kindergarten and grade school

daffodil crafts

Daffodil Craft

Kindergarten and grade school

daffodil pinwheel craft

Daffodil Pinwheel

Kindergarten and grade school

jigsaw puzzles  Saint David's Day On-Line Jigsaw Puzzles

saint david's day coloring page

Saint David's Day Coloring Pages

saint david craft

Saint David Toilet Paper Roll Craft

preschool and kindergarten

knight craft

Knight Paper Craft

preschoolers and up

knight toilet paper roll craft

Knight Toilet Paper Roll Craft

preschool and kindergarten

welsh dragon shielf craft

Wales Crafts and Activities


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