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World Circus Day - 3rd Saturday in April

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Photograph by Gabor Barbely on Unsplash.com

World Circus Day is a very new holiday and only began its celebrations in 2010. Circuses are celebrate all around the world on the third Saturday of April. The holiday was founded through a partnership between the European Circus Association and the World Circus Federation, which was founded in 2008 and aims to support the artistic endeavors of circuses worldwide. The major goal of World Circus Day is to celebrate and promote the arts and culture of circus and hopefully encourage more people to become involved in circus performance.

Circus History Facts!

Fun Facts about Circuses!

Check out these circus crafts and activities below for some great ideas to help celebrate World Circus Day!

circus coloring pages

Circus Coloring Pages

circus printable activity pages

Circus Printables

Circus Performer Crafts:
circus coloring pages

Circus Ringmaster TP Roll Craft

circus crafts

Clown Number Buddy Paper Craft

circus coloring pages

Clown Paper Craft

circus coloring pages

Clown Paper Bag Puppet

circus coloring pages

Clown Paper Plate Craft

circus coloring pages

Clown TP Roll Craft

circus coloring pages

Juggler Number Buddy Paper Craft

Circus Animal Crafts:
bear paper bag craft


elephant paper plate craft


lion paper plate craft


tiger paper bag craft