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Leaf Prints

Contributed by Leanne Guenther

Three different ideas for enjoying and capturing the prints of real leaves in the fall.

Autumn Stained Glass Craft OptionVersion 1:  Stained Glass

Hi Leanne,

We always get great crafts off of your site and the tracer and coloring pages are great for our three yr old.  I just wanted to give you a craft idea (FALL) maybe you can try it with your kids and pass it along.  I decided to call it the leaf print.  My mother -in- law reminded me of it yesterday and I remember doing these as a project in school.

What you need:


To make: take a nice walk through the woods or park and look for fall leaves all colors especially gold's and reds (it's nice relaxation and fun to look for all different types of leaves)

Also for older kids see if they can identify what leaves are from what trees. Example: maples, etc.

Then at home set your iron on medium heat adults can help the younger kids with the ironing.

Take a piece of wax paper large enough to fit several leaves.

Fold it so that you have two pieces a top and a bottom.

You can arrange the leaves anyway you like, try making really neat patterns.

Optional:  Shave waxed crayons over the leaves in colours you think will look nice with them

Now fold over the wax paper and iron until the paper seals in the leaves.

They come out really nice and the leaves stay preserved.

It's nice because it is a project that takes most of the day.  The most enjoyable part is hiking to find the leaves.

Well I hope you will try this craft and let me know how you like it.


leavesVersion 2:  Painted


I love your site! And many thanks for taking time out to put it together.  I have a craft idea you might would want to add to your site.  The one on your site about leaf prints reminded me of a craft I remember as a kid.

What you need:


Gather leaves of various kinds in the fall (or any time of the year).

Then at home dig out the finger paint.

Put a dab of paint onto several paper plates-one for each color.

Then let the children dip a leaf in the paint and then press it onto paper/construction paper.

Let dry.

You could also use this idea to make a tree.


Leaf RubbingsVersion 3:  Crayons

Leaf rubbing.



Gather leaves of various kinds in the fall (or at any time of the year).

At home, cover a leaf with a piece of paper with the more "lumpy" side of the leaf (the back side) facing the paper.

Lay a crayon on its side (it works better this way) and gently color.  The print of the leaf should show on the paper!

You can cut out your leaf prints and use them to make a tree or just enjoy them as a picture!


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