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Halloween Costume

Hershey Kiss 

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Age: All Ages 
Time Required: under 1 hour 
Difficulty: Pretty Easy 
Materials Required: Silver Fabric or a white sheet you can dye grey or silver.
Piece of Cardboard OR Newspaper
Piece of white cloth
Blue paint 
Directions: Get a piece of fabric large enough to fit your body. Cut two holes in the bottom of the fabric for your legs and two in the side for your arms. Pull the fabric over you and find a place to cut a face hole.

Place either crumpled tissue OR a piece of cardboard that fits inside the costume. This will give you shape.

When in the costume, gather all loose pieces at the top and tie with a rubberband.

If you would like the "tag" take a piece of white cloth, paint "Hershey's" on it and tie it in with the loose fabric. 

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