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Halloween Costume

Powerpuff Girls -- Blossom 

Submitted By: Sarah 




Age: any 
Time Required: under 4 hours 
Difficulty: medium 
Materials Required: + black "mary jane" type shoes, the kind with the little "window" type thing on the top of the foot (although any black shoes or boots would work depending on the weather in your area)
+ white socks
+ a pair of child's sunglasses (any color, check dollar stores, or Wal Mart)
+ black fun foam
+ pink felt
+ black felt
+ red headband
+ large red bow tie (from a costume shop or Wal Mart)
+ orange fun foam (or orange temporary spray to color hair)
Directions: Let me see if I can attempt to explain this so that it makes sense *laugh* Start by taking a sundress from your childs closest, and laying it flat on a table on top of a large piece of bright pink felt. Trace around the entire dress using a white fabric pencil, or some other instrument that will show up on the felt. Cut out the felt around the line that you drew. Then, trace around the piece of felt you just cut out to make another piece of pink felt so that you have two pieces of pink felt cut to the shape of a dress. You can fold the felt in half and trace it once and cut it out, if you are careful like that, I'm not *laugh*

Sew the sides of the felt together, and the top of the sleeve portion, leaving the neckline and bottom open. Slip it over your child to test for a fit. Most children will be able to fit into it without a problem, if you use a dress they already own, however, if you have a child who runs larger in size than clothes, you will want to allow about an extra inch at the sleeve by just moving the line up higher before you cut it out. Once the pieces are sewn together, take a tape measure and measure all the way around both pieces, while it is on your child. Cut out a four inch thick band of black felt the length that you measured, and sew it in the center, of the "dress you made" to make it look like a band going all the way around. You can use a glue gun instead of sewing on this part, or attach it with Velcro, just make sure if you use a glue gun, you put a layer of cardboard between the two layers of felt so they do not stick together.

Once you have the dress done, gently pop out the lenses on a pair of child sized sunglasses, you may want to buy them at the dollar store, because most of the time the lenses will not go back in *smile*. Trace around the lens you took out onto a sheet of black fun foam. Then on the same sheet of fun foam, use a compass to draw a circle that is about an inch to an inch and a half larger than the lens. Using an x-acto or craft knife. Or a pair of scissors if you are careful cut out the shape of the lens you traced around and then cut around the outside edge of the circle, so that you have a ring with the lens shape in the center. You will need two of these, one for each lens, make sure you trace the correct lens so that it lines up correctly. Use a glue gun to attach the foam shape to the sunglasses by putting the glue on the frame and covering it so that the lens hole is where your child looks through.

Take a red headband and attach a red bow tie (sold for clown costumes at Wal Mart and Halloween Costume stores) by cutting the string portion of the bow tie off and hot gluing it to the headband, a slightly wide headband works really well. You want to use a clown bow tie so that the bow is really, really large. If you are one of those talented people that can make your own bows, go for it, I am not that crafty *laugh*

For the hair, you have one of two options, you can either spray your childs hair with orange hair spray, and then put the bow on. Or, you can pull your childs hair back in a pony tail, and then cut a piece of orange fun foam in a semi round, wavy like pattern (to look like the back of hair) and then hot glue the top of the fun foam to the backside of the headband behind the bow. Put the headband on the child and tuck the pony tail into the fun foam so that it doesn't show that much.

Put a pair of white socks and black shoes on the child and you have Blossom.

Comments: You may be able to change this for the other Powerpuff Girls, every little girl I know loves Blossom, so I haven't thought the others through yet. Bubbles colors are blue and black, and Buttercups are lime green and black though if you want to be adventurous.

(P.S. from Leanne... if you decide to do Bubbles, get a nice big crayon for her to carry. Bubbles likes to color. Instead of the big red bow in the back, Bubble has blonde hair with pigtails.) 

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