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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Leanne Guenther 
Age: any 
Time Required: 1 hour if using a gown from your closet
4 hours if making your own gown and cloak 
Difficulty: moderate (easy if you are using a gown from the closet) 
Materials Required: Gown:
* fancy dress from closet
see Make a Gown Directions for materials list to make your own

Belt - if you make your own gown...:
Wide ribbon that matches
Make a knee length skirt from sheer matching fabric to go over top of the ankle length gown. See Make a Skirt Directions for materials list to make your own

  • Option 1: Standard prince/princess crown
    • * thin cardboard or cardstock
    • * foil gift wrap (gold or silver) or tinfoil
    • * stapler
    • * tape

  • Option 2: Beaded crown
    see Make a Princess Crown Directions for materials list to make your own

  • Crown - Option 3:
    Circlet crown
    * two pipecleaners - you can find sparkly ones or a nice princess color
    * curling ribbon (thin gift wrap ribbon) - again, use one or two nice princess colors

* 1/4" piece of dowel 18 to 24 inches long
* cardboard, card stock or poster board
* stapler or hot glue
* tinfoil, sparkles, ribbon, etc to decorate

Cloak - OPTIONAL (great for colder climates as it covers a winter or fall jacket): see Make a Cloak or Cape Directions for materials list to make your own 
Directions: GOWN I suggest pink light weight cotton blend with white lace to trim the sleeves and bottom of the dress. Elasticize the arms just below the elbows to make 'princess sleeves'

Wrap the middle of the gown with wide pink ribbon and tie a bow in the back OR make a knee length skirt to wear over top of the gown from sheer white or light pink fabric (like curtain fabric)


  • Option 1 - Standard Crown:
    Cut a 6" strip of cardboard or cardstock long enough to fit around your child's head. You may need to use a stapler to attach a few shorter strips to make one long enough to wrap all the way around the child's head.

    Cut a zig zag pattern across the top. Wrap in foil wrapping paper or tinfoil. You can decorate further with stickers or stick on gems from the craft store if you wish. Tape the ends together to form your crown.

  • Crown 2 - Beaded Crown

  • Crown 3 - Circlet Crown:
    Twist two pipecleaners together to form one long pipecleaner. Wrap the ends of the long pipecleaner to form a circle. This circle will sit on the head of the princess (you can make it a bit shorter if needed). You may wish to use bobby pins to hold it on her head on Halloween night.

    Tie curling ribbon around the back of the circlet so it drapes down the back of the princess's head. You should tie on at least 10 pieces of curled ribbon and they should be about as long as her hair. To curl the ribbon twist it round a pencil.

Cut a piece of dowel to a comfortable length. Sand the cut ends as necessary.

Cut two identical star shapes from a piece of cardboard. The stars should be about 6 inches across. You could pick a different shape if you prefer.

Staple or hot glue the stars together leaving a small opening at the botton to slide the dowel through. Wrap the star in tinfoil or foil gift wrap (you could paint it if you prefer).

Wrap the dowel in the same or contrasting foil.

Slide the dowel into the star -- use a bit of glue if you like.

Decorate as you wish (some ideas: put an outline of sparkle glue around the edge of the star, tie ribbon to the top of the dowel so it hangs down from the wand right under the star)

CLOAK: I suggest Pink polar fleece with white fake fur trim. 
Comments: Add wings if you like to make a Fairy Princess 

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