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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Kirstin 




Age: Any 
Time Required: 20 minutes 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: - Two clear plastic dome cup lids like the kind you get from 7-11 for slurpies OR two clear plastic halves of a christmas ornament,
- black duct tape,
- 2-4 silver sparkly or white pipe cleaners,
- a square of aluminum foil
- black tube top fabric - about a yard (can buy from fabric store), OR could use a black half-slip (women's undergarment like you wear under a skirt) if it's long enough to be tied over your head and still reach your shoulders - long enough to be closed under your chin.
- Bubble plastic
- Scissors
- Black shirt and pants
Make your own shirt
Directions: Pull the tube top fabric over your head, twist the top shut with a couple of pipe cleaners - This will tell you how far down from the top of the head to put two eye holes. Take the tube top fabric hood off your head, cut the eyeholes big enough for visibility, and curl/coil the ends of the pipe cleaners into little antennae. Cut wings out of the bubble plastic and safety pin or duct tape to the hem of the tube top hood on the opposite side of the eyeholes you've made. (the wings will hang down the back.)
Line with aluminum foil the inside of the clear plastic dome cup lids and then cut a hole out of the middle of the foil so you can see out, still. Duct tape around the rim to attach the foil in place and use more duct tape to attach the two dome cup lids to each other , appropriately far apart as an eye-mask.
Put on the back shirt and pants. Pull the hood over your head, center the eyeholes over your eyes. Duct tape the eye mask over the eye-holes. Duct tape under your chin - around your neck to cinch it.
If you're going to a party and plan to drink or eat, cut a small, unobtrusive hole over your mouth once everything else is in place. 
Comments: won a hundred dollar prize with this costume the year I invented it. 

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