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Halloween Costume

Russian Grand Duchess Court Dress 

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Age: Girls, Any Age 
Time Required: A VERY Long time 
Difficulty: Very Difficult 
Materials Required: Lots of White/Cream Satin, Pink Velvet, Fake pearls and flowers, Gold thread, Construction Paper, Measuring Tape 
Directions: Pieces/Sizes: Four Long pieces of Satin (normally 10cm wide and the child's arm with an extra 10 cm long) for sleeves. Two child's T-Shirt-sized pieces of satin for bodice. Bell-Shaped Skirt is six pieces of satin in an almost triangular shape. Divide your child's waist size by six for the top of these, Measure how long you with the skirt to be for the sides and the underwidth of the skirt divided by six for the bottom. Measure the pink velvet at 4cm for the top and bottom and the child's size from her neck to the bottom of the skirt. Leave the rest.

Step One: Make sure everything is well cut out, according to size. Sew the sleeves together, leaving open the holes.

Step Two: Sew the bodice. Leave the left side unsewn. Try and get a zipper for that. Try it on. Does it look right?

Step Three: Sew the right sleeve on the bodice sleeve hole. Make sure itís sewn TIGHT. Try the bodice on. How does it look?

Step Four: Sew zipper on the left side. Zip it up and down a few times. Try on the bodice again. Does it fit?

Step Five: Sew the other sleeve the same way as step three. Now the bodice should be complete. We can add the pearls later.

Step Six. Now the skirt. Use the instructions WAY above, remembering to try on the skirt several times, making sure it looks right.

Step Seven: This is the hard part. Find an object that is your waist size and attach the bodice and the skirt to it, waist to waist. Sew them together, checking it several times. Almost done now!

Step Eight: Sew on the pink velvet down the middle of the dress. Use the flowers or leftover pearls to add some decoration to the panel. So close now!!

Step Nine: Cover the top of the bodice with the pearls. If any leftover, try along the bottom. Sew some loose end and voila! A Grand Duchess Court Gown.
Comments: The arm holes are you child's arm width, cut into a circle. Do this on only ONE of the two pieces on each sleeve. This is my attempt at copying Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna's Court Dress 

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