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Halloween Costume

Bubble Gum Machine 

Submitted By: Niki 




Age: any 
Time Required: 2 days 
Difficulty: medium 
Materials Required: Red Sweat Shirt Make your own and Pants
Small Round Laundry Basket (needs to fit around the waist of child)
Balloons (multi colored)
Red, Gray, and Black Paint
Ribbon for suspenders
Newspaper, Flour and water (to make paper mache)
Double sided tape
Cardboard Circle
Clear Plastic (we used left over plastic for covering windows in the winter) 
Directions: 1: Cut out the bottom of the laundry basket. (the opening should fit the childs waist)
2: Attach the ribbon to the bottom of the basket. (We drilled two holes in the front and two holes in the back. Threaded the ribbon through the holes to make suspenders)
3: Cut the newspapers into strips.
4: Mix flour and water together to make a thick liquid (about the consitency of white glue)
5: Dip the newspaper strips into the flour mixture and remove the excess mixture. Begin layering the newspaper strips over the outside of the basket to produce a smooth exterior. Let the layers dry for at least 4 hours in between layers.
6: Once the basket is finished, paint the entire outside red.
7: Cut a circle out of carboard to make the plate that dispenses the candy and paint it gray.
8: Using black paint, paint a turn handle, coin slot and ball dispenser. (We painted a silver coin in the coin slot)
9: Attach cardboard plate to front of basket using double sided tape.
10: Hot glue a strip of plastic (that is long enough to go around the entire shirt with plenty of room to stuff the ballons in and goes from the bottom hem to the collar) to the inside of the bottom hem. Bring the sides up around the shirt as if you were wrapping a gift basket. Tape the seam with double sided tape in the back leaving the top open for stuffing.
11: Blow up the ballons quite small so they stay round.
12: Have child wear red pants and the shirt. Stuff the ballons in between the plastic and the shirt to make the gum balls. 
Comments: It was easier to have our son put the shirt on with the ballons out of the shirt. After it was on we stuffed the ballons in and tucked the extra plastic in the back. 

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