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Halloween Costume

School Bus 

Submitted By: Shawna 




Age: steady walker, 5 + 
Time Required: 2 hrs 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: large rectangular box
2 sheets of yellow poster board or bristol board
1 black marker
1 red marker
string, yard or straps
Directions: Begin by cutting off the opened flaps on the box.
Turn box over.
Cut rectangle large enough for child to fit through comfortably while wearing warm clothing. (I made the opening closer to the back and left space in the front for the top of the bus, also gave my son a spot to rest his candy bag.)
Measure and cut the bristol board to cover the box completely. Glue into place.
Decorate using the black and red markers, making the red lights and stop sign, signal lights and brake lights, wheels, black stripes on sides, etc.
Punch four holes, two at the front corners of the rectangular opening and two at the rear corners and attach string for straps.
Comments: This is a simple but durable costume, my kids played with it for a year afterwards. I had to make a new one the next Halloween (I work for a school bus company and my son is enamoured with buses) and it lasted long enough to be in the Santa Claus parade months later!

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