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Halloween Costume

Dinner table 

Submitted By: Jenny 




Age: any age 
Time Required: 25-30 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: Cardboard Box
Old Sheet or table cloth
Plastic vase (fake flowers)
Plastic or styrofoam dishes and utlensils
optional: spray paint or markers to decorate plain dishes
fake food or dry macaroni or beans
plastic tub 
Directions: Cut a hole in a card board box then put a old sheet over top with cut armholes. Get an old sheet and glue it on to the box, cut a hole in the cardboard box and the sheet also include armholes. Go to zellers or target and buy a plastic vase and glue fake flowers into it. Also buy light weight plastic dishes in the toys part of any department store also plastic cups, you can you styrofoam if you want. By leaving them white you can spray paint them any colour you want to make it look better. Then buy fake beans or any food, or go to a garage sale or zellers or target or anyplace with childrens toys, then you'll need a center peice.... which will be your head! If the person wearing this costome is going tricker treating glue a plastic tub on top so the people can just put in the candy easily. Then glue on cups and plates and plastic forks knifes and spoons if you would like. 

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