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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Jenny 




Age: any age, for girls or boys 
Time Required: 30 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: Head band
styrofoam balls
green paint
black marker or googly eyes
face paint Make your own
green clothes
old shoes
spray paint any colour and pipe cleaners
if you want to make a space ship to then you will need cardboard different colour paint pom poms markers glue 
Directions: Hair: for hair tie it up in a bun and stick pipe cleaners out of it.
Eyes: if you have glasses you can put some tack in the middle and put on a eye out of googly eye or cut out a eye out of white paper and draw a black spot in the middle.
Also use your face paint and put a eye on your stomach if you have your short shirt. Where old green clothes. Draw on the clothes and decorate them so they look more alien like. Head: glue the springs onto the head band and then put the balls on top.
Face: paint your face green.
Shoes: for your shoes spray paint them a cool colour and then your good to go.
For the spaceship cut out a big circle out of card bord the cut a hole in the middle depending on what size you are then punch holes in the side and tie string around them to make sure it stays up and put it around your shoulder you can have a pad if needed, then paint the space ship silver and glue on pom pom and paint on little buttons or draw them on. 

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