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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Laura 
Age: Any 
Time Required: About 2 hours 
Difficulty: Easy 
Materials Required: Orange poster board, black and yellow poster board paint, sequins, velcro, headband and black pipe cleaners.

Face makeup (store bought or home made
Directions: WINGS:
With the orange posterboard, fold it in half and cut out the shape of butterfly wings. Next draw the design on the wings, make sure that you do both sides. Paint your design. The yellow paint is for the dots that are on the edges on a monarch butterfly. After painting both sides, I added clear sequins on the edges between the yellow dot to add a little sparkle. My daughter loved it! I then bought some velcro and added it to the wings and her shirt. I got the self adhesive kind. My daughter wore a black turtle neck shirt and black pants.

Next take a black headband and add two black pipe cleaners to make antennas. Or make a pretty butterfly crown to act as the antennas.

Paint face orange. Add some black on nose and/or around eyes. 
Comments: This was a very fun project for both me and my daughter. Not only was it fun, it was inexpensive too. It was a convenient costume for her school Halloween party too. She just took the wings with her to school(she already had the black turtle neck and pants on) and put them on in time for the party. 
Photos,etc of monarch butterflies

This craft will give you an idea of how you might design your butterfly wings

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