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Halloween Costume

Baby (Girl) 

Submitted By: Sandy 




Age: any 
Time Required: 10-15 minutes 
Difficulty: extremley easy 
Materials Required: 1.)Pair of Pajamas
2.)brown eye liner pencil
3.)Small blanket
4.)binkie or baby bottle
5.)pony tail holders
6.)Teddy bear (OPTIONAL) 
Directions: 1.)Dress in pair of Pajamas
2.)Put hair in pig tails with the pony tail holders
3.)Using brown eye liner pencil draw a few dots on both cheeks
4.)Wrap blanket around you or have it in your hands
5.)binkie in mouth or in hand or you can use a baby bottle
6.)Carry teddy bear (OPTIONAL) 
Comments: I came up with this idea one halloween when I did not plan on going out and having to dress up but at last minute things changed so I through it together! HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY IT!!! 

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