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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Katie 




Age: any age 
Time Required: 1-2 hours 
Difficulty: very easy 
Materials Required: a green sweatshirt a little bigger than the child's size, gold, black,and green fabric, black sweat pants, needle and black thread, orange or green face paint Make your own , orange tights (for girls) or long orange socks(for boys) and a cany pot. You will need a white long sleeved shirt Make your own for under the vest. 
Directions: Take the green sweat shirt and cut the front like a v neck shirt. Then leave a space in the middle and cut the bottom in an upside down v shape. Take a black button and sew it on the space you left in the middle. Then take the black sweatpants and measure it to your child and cut the end off the sweatpants so they look like capris (your childs ankles must be showing). Take the gold fabric and make it long enough to fit around your child's waist cut it to about an inch wide. Put buttons on the back so your child can take it on and off. Then take the black fabric and cut it into a square, this will be the belt buckle. Sew that onto the belt. You'll need a white sweat shirt to go under the vest. Paint your child's face green or orange, put the tights or socks on and pull them all the way up. Then you have a leprican. 

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