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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Leanne Guenther 
Age: any 
Time Required: about 2 hours 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: Cloak - see Make a Cloak or Cape Directions for materials list to make your own

- headband
- fake fur
- hot glue gun

Mittens for paws OR fake fingernails for claws.

Black Eyebrow pencil to draw whiskers and color in nose 
Directions: CLOAK: We found a great spotted leopard print in the polar fleece and used black fake fur to trim for Tasha's costume. Kaitlyn has to have pink everything so she had a pink cloak with white fur trim and was called "the Magical Kitty Princess" -- she also carried around a wand.

Fold fake fur in half and cut an ear sized triangle on the fold (when you unfold it, it will look like a diamond. Put a bead of hot glue around the insides and glue the diamond together to make a triangle that's furry on both sides. Cut a smaller triangle from left over scraps of polar fleece for the inner ear and glue it on the triangle. Glue the ear onto a headband.

Repeat the process for the second ear.

Paste on fake nails and nailpolish them a kitty color (black or white). With an eyebrow pencil color the tip of the nose black and draw on whiskers. 
Comments: The cloaks were long and we were covered in our winter gear so we didn't worry much about pants and shirts. You could wear a sweat suit in an appropriate color if you liked. 

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