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Halloween Costume

Chocolate Bar 

Submitted By: P3Piper 




Age: Any 
Time Required: Half an hour-1Hour 
Difficulty: Easy Easy 
Materials Required: cardboard box
Crepe paper or cello gift wrap
plain white paint or white paper
Clothes in the same color as your chocolate wrapper (or plain brown)
Brown face paint Make your own
Ribbon or suspenders(either will do well)
Colored Card
Directions: Paint the box white or cover it in white card
When paint is dry, either paint on the chocolate wrapper or cover it in cello wrap or crepe paper. REMEMBER: glue or stick it down securely.
Leave to dry for a few minutes whilst you cut out the name of your chocolate bar out of the colored paper.
Glue the name on, or paint it on, whichever you like.
After that, Pop on the clothes in the wrapper colors or brown.
Paint your face (or whoevers dressing ups) brown or in your wrapper colors.
Tie one end of the ribbon or suspender to one side of the bar, and the other to the other side. this should create a loop that will go over your head.
And amazingly YOUR DONE! 
Comments: I am only ten, and earlier on in the year my class did a concert item on cadbury chocolates, and we made choccie bars and got all painted and dressed up. it was so much fun! 

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