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Halloween Costume

Angel (Cheap and warm version) 

Submitted By: Patty Moss (pittsburgh PA) 




Age: Any age 
Time Required: Like 30 minutes 
Difficulty: Easy 
Materials Required: One white jogging outfit, a pair of cheap wings or make your own , a cheap halo (or make one with pipe cleaners), and glitter glue in gold. 
Directions: Take the Jogging outfit's shirt and write in your best writing with the glitter glue "Little angel". Then let dry as long as it says on bottle. Then on Jogging pant's, Kinda small on the one leg again write "angel". Then on the wings, trace the out sides of it with glitter clue and let dry. When its all ready you have a cute warm halloween costume that doubles later as a cute outfit. 
Comments: This is warm and the jogging outfit can be used after haloween, to play in or to sleep in. And you can always let your little one keep the halo and wings to play with, We all know how little girls like to play dress up. 

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