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Halloween Costume

Forest Spirit or Forest Dryad
(with mom the Tree) 

Submitted By: Leanne Guenther 
Age: young child plus parent 
Time Required: 2 hours 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: Forest Spirit (child's costume):

Skirt - green fabric, elastic and ribbon

White shirt or body suit and white nylons (we just used a shirt from the closet, but you could make a shirt if you like to sew)

Crown - headband, hot glue and white silk flowers (daisy type flowers work well)

Accessories - leftover silk flower and elastic for bracelet or anklet

OPTIONAL - ivy vine strand to drape around neck

Tree (adult's costume)
brown pants and jacket or sweater

Leaves: silk leaves (can use the leaves from the silk daisies you purchased for the child's costume) and headband or hat

Accessories: leftover silk leaves and elastic for bracelets 
Directions: We all know a Forest Spirit/Forest Dryad cannot stray far from her tree so this makes a great mommy/daughter costume for Halloween night (and encourages your little one to stay close by).


SKIRT DIRECTIONS We made ours a little above ankle length

wear a white shirt or body suit and white nylons with the skirt.

Snip or pull the daisies off the silk flower stick. Hot glue them onto the top of the headband (we glued flowers down to just above where Kaitlyn's ears would be)

just drape it over shoulders when the whole costume is on. Use 3 or 4 safety pins to attach it in a few places if you like.

Hot glue 3 flowers to an elastic that fits around the child's wrist to make a bracelet (or around ankle to make an anklet)

We also gave Kaitlyn a wand (she always likes to have a wand)


Wear all brown (or grey or black) -- I wore a brown jacket and black slacks.

Hot glue a few leaves from the silk flowers you bought to a headband or hat for your head

Make a bracelet for each wrist with a few leaves on each 

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