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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: LovingheartMaryRose 




Age: 7 and up any age it could work! Anyone who can read and understand the poem. 
Time Required: Little time you don't make it but put on Band-Aids. 
Difficulty: Easy! 
Materials Required: 35 same size Band-Aids! A box of 35 Band-Aids (could be empty but says 35 on outside of box)
The poem from Where the sidewalk Ends "Band-Aids" pg. 140. From Shel Silverstein.
Paper, pen make copies 
Directions: 1.Get a copy of the poem Where the Sidewalk Ends
could check it out at the Library/get it online.
2. Write out/make copy of poem make sure you put his name at bottom of poem give Shel Silverstein his credit!!
3.Put it on your back or and place several copies inside the Band-Aid box hand out for those who aren't aware of his poems.
4.Band-Aid part put 35 Band-Aids where the poem says.
5.Have the Box on you for added touch goes with poem and write 35 on outside of box. Done a Poem costume! 
Comments: This is a easy cheap costume but unique and funny. I'd make sure you have at least one copy of the poem some might not know of the poem and don't forget put his name on it
give credit.
It is a funny poem the ends tops it off! You will get looks with all the Band-Aids on you but it's funny and goes with the poem. 

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