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Halloween Costume

Miss Chievious (group) 

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Age: group of teenage girls 
Time Required: 30 min- 1 hr 
Difficulty: easy-medium 
Materials Required: -funky clothes
-cloth or thick ribbon
-safety pins 
Directions: First you have to decide what you are going to be: i have four ideas...Miss Chievous, Miss Understood, and Miss Interpreted...all standing for mischievous, misunderstood, and misinterpreted.

First you will need to make your "Miss America" banners. You take the cloth (you must cut the cloth into a strip) or thick ribbon and drape it across your shoulders (only to measure) and join the ends at your hip. Pin the two ends together with the safety pin and cut remaining cloth off. Take the banner off and in the center, write your title (ex: Miss Chievous).

Next you will need to come up with an outfit. This is totally free and you can use whatever you have at home.

For "Miss Chievous" I recommend going "gothic" as in wearing black clothes, black nail polish, coloring black streaks in your hair (if not already black) with magic markers, and using black nail polish or black lipstick to create a stripe down the middle of your lips. dark makeup is key.

For "Miss Understood" you will probably want to play it as a nerd or an awkward person. Wear half of your hair in a side ponytail and leave the rest hanging down. Wear multiple layers of clothing that dont match. Bright colors are best. Wear shoes and socks that dont match. etc...

For "Miss Interpreted" you can do multiple things. One idea is to go as an extreme tomboy. Dress in half guys clothes, baseball jerseys, etc. Wear a baseball cap and walk like a tomboy. You can make this idea into whatever you would like.

Another idea that you can create yourself is "Miss Ery" All you have to do is create the feeling of misery.

Now after getting dressed just put on your sash and you are ready! 
Comments: When I did this with two of my friends everyone loved it and thought it was an awesome idea! everyone got it! i was so excited! It was fun! 

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