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Halloween Costume

Orange juice box 

Submitted By: Torrey St.George 




Age: Any age *note if you are making this for a younger child then 10, you(probably) will have to make everything smaller to fit them.* 
Time Required: Max of 1 day if put good effort in to it 
Difficulty: pretty simple 
Materials Required: You will need three white poster boards *you can get it at HEB, Walmart, Target etc.

An object that looks like a straw *I used a child toy that when it twirls makes a humming noise. You can find it at the dollar store. You may also use a noodle which you can find with the poster board.

Nutrition facts and pictures of oranges you can find on google images.

Duck tape * you can find at Heb, Walmart, Target ect.

Glue * you can find it with the Duck tape 
Directions: First you will need to get one of your poster boards and cut it in half, that way if you made a box with all your poster board peices two sides would not be as wide. After that is done you can go on to the fun part.
Next you will want to go on the internet and look for pictures. On my costume I hade a glass of orange juice on the front, nutrtion facts on the side, fun facts on the other side and back.
Once you have the pictures glue them on the poster board.* note they do not have to take up the whole space.*
When you finish that you can duck tape them together. How I duck taped mine was i put duck tape on the edges where they met in the inside and you can put clear tape on the outside to secure it. Measure your shoulder from how far the poster board will hang all the way from the front to the back. Once that is done you can make a strap out of duck tape to keep the costume secure. With the straps done you have a place to put your arms out. you might need to double side it so it does not get sticky.
To secure the straw in the juice box put it in the corner,so it will be out or your face and in the inside you can tape down.

Comments: This costume will look home made, but it will sure earn you cutest costume award or most orginal!!!

Happy Halloween!:) -Tor(R)ey- 

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