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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: Leanne Guenther 




Age: any 
Time Required: 3 hours 
Difficulty: moderate 
Materials Required: WHITE GOWN:
see directions to make your own You'll want to make it out of lightweight white cotton and decorate with gold or silver thin fabric ribbon or ricrac. Sleeves don't need elastic. Belt will be the same ribbon or ricrac.

gold or silver christmas tinsel (the big ropes of it)
2 pipecleaners or flexible metal wire
bobby pins

white poster board
gold or silver glitter glue (or glitter and glue)
same gold or silver tinsel rope you used for the halo
EITHER 1/2" white elastic OR self adhesive velcro OR hot glue 
Directions: Make a gown just a bit shorter than ankle length see directions to make your own

Decorate sleeves and hem with gold or silver ribbon or ricrac.

Tie gold or silver ribbon or ricrac around the waist as a belt

twist pipecleaners or flexible wire around gold or silver tinsel rope and then twist that into a circlet for the head. Use bobby pins to hold it in place.

Cut a large heart shape from poster board for the wings. Outline with tinsel and glue glitter onto it.

Hot glue it to the back of the gown or attach self adhesive velcro to the back of the gown and to the wings.


If you want the gown to be able to be separated from the wings, have one adult hold the wings on the child's back at the proper level. Poke holes above and below the shoulder on each side (you'll end up with 4 holes). Thread a piece of white 1/2" elastic through the holes looping it over the shoulder and tie it. Repeat on the other side. In other words, you'll use two pieces of elastic. This will allow the child to slip in and out of the wings. 

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