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Halloween Costume

Flow-thru Tea Bag 

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Age: teen to adult 
Time Required: 1 hour 
Difficulty: easy! 
Materials Required: 2 clear or tan trash bags
leaves - I collected colorful fall leaves. You could also cut them out of construction paper
2 yard sticks OR 2 three-foot pieces of sturdy cardboard
3 feet cord
1 sheet poster board
stapler or clear packing tape
Directions: 1) Gather or make leaves
2) Put leaves into both bags. These are your "tea leaves" so use as many or as little as you like.
3) Keeping the bag flat, tape or staple the top (open end) of one bag to the yardstick (or stiff cardboard) so the bag hangs down from it. You may want to wrap the top of the bag completely around the yardstick to give the bag great support. Repeat with the other bag.
4) Leaving room for the wearer's head to get thru, tape the ends of one yardstick to the end of the yardstick of the other bag. Repeat with the opposite ends.
5) You may have to try it on to see it more tape is needed to have the yardstick rest on your shoulders and not slide off of you.
6) Using the poster board, cut a large tag. Look at your favorite teabag to get the shape you like. Add your own version of wording and create your own 'brand' if you like.
Feel free to add the ingredients. example: "Freshly gathered fall leaves."
Be creative. Someone will read it!
7) Attach the tag to the cord. Attach the other end of the cord to a place in between the yardsticks.
8) Dress in neutral colors and done your teabag. You are all set! 
Comments: It's a fun, unique costume.
Watch out for cups of hot water! 

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