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Halloween Costume

Pretty Princess 

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Age: 5-12 girls 
Time Required: 1/2 hour 
Difficulty: pretty easy 
Materials Required: dress, sparkle ribbon, plastic or medal princess crown or tiara, high-heeled shoes, hair ribbons, sparkle hairspray, white tights, and jewlery. 
Directions: Sew sparkly ribbon on the sleeves and bottom of the dress. Wear pigtails or braids and tie ribbon on the ends. Put sparkle hairspray on your hair. Place a metal or plastic tiara on your head. Wear comfortable, high-heeled shoes on your feet with white tights. Wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, ect. 
Comments: I put this idea together, because every year people buy costumes like this that aren't even cool. So I decided to make this one. 

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