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Halloween Costume

Edna (from the Incredibles) 

Submitted By: J.N 




Age: School age, kids, teens 
Time Required: under 30 mins. 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: -black simple dress (or skirt and top)
-glasses-and-big-nose disguise that you can get @ the dollar store (OR ROUND glasses)
-black boots
-blunt 'box' haircut wig (or make a paper wig.. hilarious!)

Directions: 1. put on the clothes, glasses.

2. to make the box wig.. make a cube figure but hollow out two of the faces, and colour/paint it black.

talk like Edna, as in 'DARLIN! its been so long!" "YOU are Elastigirl! fight, AND WIN!" etc, 
Comments: My friend went as Edna for celebrity day, used the paper wig, it looked great. (as in REALLY looked like Edna) 

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