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Halloween Costume

Rubics Cube Head 

Submitted By: RamBam 




Age: any age (best for 8+) 
Time Required: 30-40 minutes 
Difficulty: with parental help: EASY 
Materials Required: Top Hat (or any other hat with a stiff rim)

a cubular box (wider and taller than head and hat)

white, green, orange, yellow, red, and blue colored construction paper

glue or tape or other adhiesive


thats about it 
Directions: make marks with a marker for 9 squares the same side to fit on one side of the box. cut out construction paper, 9 squares of each color, to fit the marks you made on the box. fit them into place (if you want an unsolved rubix cube, which makes you seem more colorful, then scatter them about the box. if you want a solved box, which is more recognizable, make it so that the same colors go on the same size. after that, glue all of the paper in place.
after letting the glue dry, cut out a circle out of one side of the box, size: so it can fit on the hat that you are using without falling through.
slide your hat into place, put the hat on your head, and admire your clever, amazing, and witty costume.

note: this costume works very well, because in some places it becomes chilly around halloween, and you can wear any clothes you want without ruining the magic that is your costume.


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