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Halloween Costume

Santa Claus 

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Age: 7-15, mostly boys 
Time Required: 1 hour 
Difficulty: medium 
Materials Required: 1 pilliow, gray/white wig, beard, red santa hat, red coat, suspenders, white turtle neck, red pants, fuzzy white fabric, white thread, a needle, pink or red face makeup, and black boots. 
Directions: Put on white turtle neck, with the pillow under it. Sew the white fabric onto bottom of pants, and sleeves of coat. Connect suspenders to pants, and put them on. Put coat over. Use red face makeup on cheeks, for the rosy cheeks. Put on wig and beard, with the hat over them, and boots. You are now santa! 
Comments: When I was little, I would always try to stay up all night on Christmas eve waiting for santa. Every year, I would count on seeing him more and more, but I always fell asleep. I put this costume together one halloween, to remind me of this wonderful memory. 

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