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Halloween Costume

Gothic Barbie 

Submitted By: JJ 




Age: I suggest 11 and up 
Time Required: 20 minutes (not including time to find supplies) 
Difficulty: easy enough 
Materials Required: black lipstick
black eyeliner(boys may find this difficult to apply so you can do without it)
black mascara
black eyeshadow
black nailpolish(optional)
barbie-like wig(if possible it should be black)
short black and white dress
(if you want) a scrap of material with a "B" on it and needle and thread 
Directions: Apply all the black make up on face(boys may want some help from their mother, sister, girlfriend, or any other girl they know)
put wig on(girls will want to put their hair up first)

(if you want) take scrap of material with the "B" on it, needle, and thread and hand sew in on the front(you'll want to hand sew it so it'll be easier to cut the thread to take it off afterwards)

put dress on 
Comments: a good idea when applying the eyeliner would be when you get to the outer corner of the eye draw a little symbol like a treble clef, a little loop-thing, or just a line 

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