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Halloween Costume

Picasso and a painting (can be for couples) 

Submitted By: Chelsea 




Age: any 
Time Required: 2hour 30min not including drying 
Difficulty: medium-hard 
Materials Required: cardboard
long white shirt
black marker
optional- beret(any color)
black shirt
Directions: for the painting- cut the cardboard to look like a frame (any design u want)and paint on it to make it look cool and glue material on the back of the frame (make sure that your head fits in the frame without having it stick out of the frame and having it secure)put makeup on your face to look pretty!! Where any clothes u would like.

Picasso- splatter paint on the long shirt(let dry) cut the shirt to make it look like a coat then draw buttons down the side u choose. Cut some more card board to make it look like a paint pallit then put paint on it and mix it up a little then glue the paint brush on it. put beret, black shirt, pants, and picasso shirt on and u r good to go! 
Comments: Very cute for twins and for couples. 

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