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Halloween Costume

Peter Pan 

Submitted By: Bethany 




Age: Any age 
Time Required: 1 hour 
Difficulty: Easy 
Materials Required: Green turtleneck
Feather (or cardboard or craft foam to make a feather)

Green tights
Cardboard knife or plastic toy knife
Directions: A complete costume with one turtleneck!! (no sewing)

Take a large green turtleneck (or smaller depending on size). Leaving the neck intact as a ring cut it off the shirt. Take the neck and fold closed at one end and staple. Now turn inside out and it is your hat. Now add a feather (I used foam). Cut a slit at the neckline and fold down the triangle edges for a collar, press down. Now cut the sleeves of the shirt off in a jagged motion. Then cut off portion of the sleeves for your boot covers. They are now jagged on one end and have the elastic sleeve cuff at the other end. Slide the jagged end on the childs leg first and fold down about an inch, the elastic cuff will fit around the top of the shoe. Now cut off the bottom of the shirt in a jagged motion, this scrap that is removed will be your belt. You can add green tights and a toy knife if you wish. 

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