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Halloween Costume

Raggedy Ann 

Submitted By: Christie 
Age: Toddlers and Babies 
Time Required: A few hours. 
Difficulty: Moderate 
Materials Required: Red and White or Blue and White Dress from a Thrift Store (note Raggedy Ann dresses can come in many different patterns)
An Old White Dress with Eyelets
White Ribbon - About 3/4inch wide (2 ft long will be plenty)
Plain White Hat
Red Decorative Fringe - Fringe Designed for the bottom of curtains - look at sewing stores and thrift stores
Black Mary Janes
Red & White Tights (if you can't find stipes solid white or red would work - you could then pair them with little white socks with lace trim) 
Directions: To Assemble the Wig/Hat

(1) Cut the fringe to the required length
(2) Sew the fringe to the bottom of the hat - I hand sewed it as my sewing machine won't work through the thickness of the fringe
(3) Try the hat on - trimming the fringe as required (i.e. bangs)

To Assemble the Apron

(1) Put the Red Dress on
(2) Put the white dress on over top of the red dress - the white dress is going to be the apron
(3) Use a pencil to draw on the white dress where you are going to need to cut the white dress to shape it into an apron
(4) After taking the dress off cut it accordingly
(5) If you want to hem the edges do so. It will look fine unhemmed (very "raggedy")
(6) Sew a ribbon on the back for ties 
Comments: Additional Photos:
Larger picture from the front.
From the back to show the detail. (Helpful for making the apron.) 

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