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Halloween Costume

Drum Major 

Submitted By: Chris 
Age: Elementary School 
Time Required: Several Hours 
Difficulty: Difficult 
Materials Required: Jacket for a base.
Red fabric.
Fancy ribbon.
Small hat.
Plastic bin.
Black fur.
Black sweat pants. 
Directions: I started with the jacket. I used a wool jacket that we were given as a base for the costume. I measured the fabric from the coat and then sewed it onto the jacket. I used fancy ribbon to cover over the seams.

I bought a small hat and a plastic bin from the dollar store. I placed the bin on the hat and secured it with butterfly clips. I added some padding and duct tape. Finally, I took apart a stuffed gorilla and glued the fur onto the bin. I then cut out gold paper covered plastic to make the chin strap.

The rest of the costume was put together with bits and pieces I have collected over the years (including the fabric).

The total cost of the costume was approximately $20.

I still have to finish the pants by sewing on red stripes on the side. 
Comments: My son loves to watch marching bands. We live in Ottawa and follow the Changing of the Guard throughout the summer. This year our son asked if I could make him a drum major costume. I figured it would be fun to try and make it. My coresponding costume was far less decorated than his uniform and my helmet looked more like a sock. But he loved leading me in parade as we went door to door. 

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