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Halloween Costume

Parking Cone 

Submitted By: Danielle 
Age: Preschool to Grade Three 
Time Required: An few hours plus overnight for the paint to dry. 
Difficulty: Easy 
Materials Required: (extra big) bright orange shirt,
reflection tape (strip),
one party hat,
thin wire,
"parking cone orange" spray paint. 
Directions: 1. Cut the arms out of the orange shirt, and re-sew the sides tighter to make the cone shape. Make sure to measure on your child first, so it's not too snug! Then put two strips of the reflection tape across chest area. I put two strips on back and two strips on front and lined them up to look like it went all the way around.

2. Snip the inside of the hem. Run your wire thru as many times around as needed to cause the shirt to stay flared at the bottom.

3. Cut the point of the party hat to your desired look for the top of the "cone". Then spray paint with the "parking cone orange" spray paint.

4. Dress your child in all black and send them out the door!!! They are now safe from all the vehicles. You have the reflection tape and they will be just as tall if not taller than the real thing!!!!! LOL Enjoy! 
Comments: I made a cute parking cone costume for my son last year, and it was a hit! 

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