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Halloween Costume

Little Mermaid 

Submitted By: Julie Wilson 




Age: any age that is a steady walker 
Time Required: 8 hours 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: Leotard or turtle neck shirt in white or brown.

Pair of sweats green or white in color.

Green felt squares (20 you can always use on another project if you have too many).

Turquoise and Green glittery squeezable paint that is a different shade than the felt squares.

Two pink felt squares, and one spool of the thin 2/1.00 ribbon. 
Directions: Take the pink felt and cut out 2 seashell shapes that you can glue gun on the shirt and add ribbon so it looks like a string bikini. (you can stuff the shells with stuffing to give it more of a bikini look.)

Take the green felt and cut out what will look like scales. A good guide is a half oval shape, flat on top and round on bottom.

You need to start at the bottom of the sweats (the feet holes) and glue gun or sew a row on one leg and then the other and then start the next row being sure to overlap it so you don't see the top of the scale which is the flat. (It reminded me of shingling a roof, also I sewed everything so after Halloween I took the items off the shirt the sweats and my daughter had an outfit.

I just scaled the front but you can do the back if you would like. Make sure that the legs stay apart which is the beauty of the costume. Easy to walk in but when the legs are together it looks like a mermaid tail.

Take 2 pieces of green felt and cut them to look like a fairly large fish tail with flat top like the scale, glue gun them on the fish tail part but leave an inch on each side and the top unglued because you will use that to attach it to the right leg of the sweats, stuff the tail and attach to the right leg with glue or by sewing.

That's it.

You can then maybe put pretty ribbon in her hair and sparkling make up on her face. Use glitter glue to sparkle up the scales and tail as well if you like. 

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