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Halloween Costume

Care Bear 

Submitted By: Amy Pelham 




Age: Any 
Time Required: 3 hours 
Difficulty: Medium difficulty 
Materials Required: Hooded Sweatshirt for color of bear. Sweatpants to match. Instead of a hooded sweatshirt, you could use a regular sweater and then attach the ears to a headband or appropriate colored knit cap

White felt for tummy.

Fabric paint, felt or applique for the bears symbol.

Red felt for heart on backside.

craft foam or cardboard and felt for ears. (should be same color as sweatsuit)

yarn for hair. (should be same color as sweatsuit)

mittens or socks for hands (should be same color as sweatsuit)

Face makeup (store bought or home made
Directions: has images of the carebears so you know what their markings look like. Love-a-lot and Tenderheart are both fairly easy to create (just hearts)

Cut white felt in a large circle and hot glue or hand stitch to the tummy of the sweatshirt (hand stitching can be removed easily so the sweatsuit can be used for regular wear)

Cut felt and glue or use fabric paint to design your choice of care bear images on the center of the white felt.

Cut a small red heart from felt and glue or stitch it to the backside (like a little heart tattoo)

Cut rounded ear shapes (half circles) from felt or fabric foam. If using felt, you'll want to sandwich a piece of cardboard in between two pieces of felt for each ear so they're sturdy. Hot glue or stitch them to the hood part of the sweater (again, stitching can be removed easily so you can use the sweater for normal wear)

Make a small tuft of hair on top of the hood with some yarn (just stitch pieces through and tie... they'll be easy to snip off afterward if you wish to reuse the sweatsuit). (The same thing could be done with a hood or headband)

Wear socks or mittens of the same color on hands.

OPTIONAL: Paint face a slightly lighter shade from the sweatsuit. Add a couple of freckles and a little heart on the nose. 

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