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Halloween Costume


Submitted By: faith 




Age: toddler 
Time Required: not long 
Difficulty: easy 
Materials Required: black sweat suit with hood, white fuzzy fur fabric, hot glue, scissors, needle and thread 
Directions: first make a pattern of a skunk tail, i just cut out a shape i thought was nice and the right size for my toddler, do the same with the stripe, making sure to include enough fabric to go from the front of the sweat suit hat to the bottom of the sweat suit shirt.

next glue the furry white fabric stripe onto the sweat suit shirt starting at the front of the hat.

then glue the tail to the back of the sweat pants, just at the top. you want to leave the tail loose and dangling. i stitched the tail in place to secure it. 
Comments: let the glue get dry before wearing it. you can also paint some whiskers on their cheeks too. 

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