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Halloween Costume

Spaghetti and meat balls 

Submitted By: Sarah Fleming 




Age: toddler and up 
Time Required: 1hr or less 
Difficulty: medium 
Materials Required: What you will need
1. Red sweat shirt and sweat pants
2. 2 cotton mop heads
3. Brown pom poms
4. Saftey pins
5. metal collander 
Directions: 1. Take the mophead(noodles)and cut off a few pieces. With a safty pin pin the noodles to the sweats. Put as many noodles on as you want.
2. Once you have the noodles on. Glue brown pom poms on eack clump of noodles.
3. To make the hat take the second mop head and glue it in the collander. 
Comments: You can dcorate your shoes with noodles and brown pom poms if you like. For your candy bucket take a big enpty coffe can and and wrap paper around it. You can draw on the paper to make it look like a rather large parmesan cheese can. 

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