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Halloween Costume

Sponge Bob Squarepants 

Submitted By: lauren hillenberg 




Age: toddlers 
Time Required: 30min. to 1hr. 
Difficulty: mildly difficult 
Materials Required: paper shopping bag,

construction paper (black,white,red,and brown),

glue or tape,

Directions: You need to cut(with scissors}the shopping bag to look like spongebobs pants.

Then you get the brown & white construction paper.

Make the top 3/4 white,and the rest,brown(go all the way around the bag).Then glue or tape it.

Cut a tie out of the red construction paper.

Tape or glue it to the middle of the front of the bag(the white part).

Cut black strips out of black paper.

Tape or glue to brown part. 
Comments: Cut off bottom of bag for feet.Put any kind of straps for costume to stay on child.If you want shoes,get 2 shoe boxes that fit your childs feet.Use scissors to cut holes to slip feet in.Glue black paper to boxes or use black marker. 

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